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Volume 42 Number 02

October 10 – October 16, 2007

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Bilking the links

Despite efforts to privatize city golf, revenues are actually up millions of dollars. But a costly public-private contract has swallowed most of the money.

Local media form the Chauncey Bailey Project

A landmark coalition of local media bands together to investigate the murder of Oakland journalist

Rat with wings

Jonathan Livingston Seagull flaps again

Always away

The curious case of IM etiquette

Beyond borders

Benedictus draws from a real-life meeting to explore political power games

Gimme lip

Cracking up with the Black Lips. Plus: Ruins, Brutal Sound FX No. 43, Cryptacize, and Matt Pond PA

A pizza bust?

How bad could it be?

Meat the Figurines

Sharing the fantasy with the would-be future pig farmers of Denmark

Eat skull

Dyed, fried, and straight out of the hospitals

More sad hits

Another dream date with Damon and Naomi

Scavenging’s new spirit

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of freebies in San Francisco

Ideals made reel

Enter Joseph Cornell's prison of silver light

Who wrote the book of love?

For the Bible Tells Me So

Golden Rice Bowl and San Tung

Why did the chicken cross the street?

Lovejoy and company

Film: America labors with its childhood in "My Kid Could Paint That"

The Viz

Gettin' visual on the dance floor

Bad tryp

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Port tack

New members of the Oakland Port Commission represent fresh perspectives on environmental concerns

The cold case of Brad Will

An independent voice, silenced

The unexpected altar

A remembrance of Jack Davis

Jack Davis, 1940-2007

Car crash claims legendary facilitator of underground arts

The price of the sweeps

Cracking down on the homeless costs taxpayers millions

Green City: Plugging into what’s next

Backyard car conversion kits