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Volume 41 Number 47

August 22 – August 28, 2007

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Counseling torture

Psychologists' association rejects ban on participating in coercive interrogation -- but voices concern over cruel tactics

Low T, no T

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I read your column about potential causes of a husband's lackluster performance in the bedroom . You mentioned that the letter writer's...

Switching sides

One word: beets


The way to cook, or not

The curtain calls

Bay Area theater falls into place

Limber up

How to fill your dance card this fall

Fall Arts: The year we turned to Glass

Appomattox premieres in a fall filled with classical tributes

Fall Arts: Fall on high

Duck rock and leather-feathers in Clubland

Fall Arts: Outrageous stages

You know you like it live

Fall Arts: Sing or swim

C'mon in, the water's fine in the wet, wild world of new music releases

Fall Arts: Before and after Halloween

A killer croc, a sultan of suave, and eight other reasons to look at movie screens this fall

Fall Arts: I screen, you screen

58 ways to rep Bay Area film this fall

Fall Arts: Popcorn — and human pies

Fresh Coppola and eternal winter in a fall new-movie top 10

Bay Area fall fairs and festivals

A bevy of cool fiestas

Visual raids

We place our bets on the best gallery and museum shows this fall

She’s a rebel

With 51802, choreographer Erika Shuch looks in from the outside at the impact of the California prison system

Fall Arts Preview

Our comprehensive, wild, and witty guide to the season's music, movies, parties, visual arts, and stage offerings

The pleasure principle

Cruelty-free gourmet