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Volume 41 Number 46

August 15 – August 21, 2007

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The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (8/14/07)

175 Iraqi civilians killed today. Cheney asks “How many additional dead Americans is Saddam worth?”

PG&E’s latest lies

EDITORIAL Pacific Gas and Electric Co., which has made a lucrative practice over the years of co-opting environmentalists, is launching one of its boldest...

Oppose Don Fisher’s museum

EDITORIAL Not long after the US Army announced it no longer needed the Presidio for a military base, a group of powerful San Francisco...

Editor’s Notes

The new Transbay Terminal plans suck

Green City: The last hour

The 11th Hour

Web Sites of the week

www.voteforchicken.com, www.joshwolf.net

The poison in your sofa

California's standard is poisoning the whole nation, one sofa at a time.

Their neighborhood

PG&E and its proxies fight public power, here and in the San Joaquin Valley

Payphones: the deregulation factor

The disappearance of pay phones is linked in part to a decision by the George W. Bush administration to redefine what the word competition...

Where are all the payphones?

Deregulation and industry greed are wiping out a form of old technology that's a critical lifeline

Foxing in the archive

› annalee@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION Paper archives are dangerous. For the past several weeks, I've been standing knee-deep in paper untouched by human hands for decades, sorting...

Close up

Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami crafts moving stills

Craig, list

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I am in love with a girl a few years younger than me. She's in her early 20s, and before me she...

Butterfly bride

Tortas El Primo

Jang Soo BBQ

Tongs: a study in indispensability

Oh, honestly

Spilling the beans on boat parties and drag kings

Faithfully unfaithful

Love and friendship in Melville's Le Doulos

Drop hearts

Diamonds aren't Madame de ...'s best friend

Arcade fire

Who is the true King of Kong?

Mates of down-home states

Riding a wave of love for Or, the Whale

School blues

Love and theft drives Film School to new ends, and ArtSF faces possible demise. Also: Mochipet, White Savage, the Drift, and Somnambulants

Against them!

How relevant are Rage Against the Machine?

Cousin, cuisine

Eat This! 1001 Things to Eat before You Diet

Your neighborhood streets on wry (hold the Sesame)

Avenue Q and Insignificant Others: musical comedies with bite