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Volume 41 Number 41

July 11 – July 17, 2007

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La Salette

Gettin' figgy

A new kind of reverb

I was walking in my sleep when I did what I did

Frenemies with benefits

Frenemies with benefits: Can sex outlast the relationship?

Award tour

They live! Kiki and Herb are back ... and fully loaded!

“Transformers” without irony

If you want to enjoy this flick without guilt, you'll have to ignore the whole Middle East issue.

Tweeking the tidelands

Tweeking the tidelands: Migden's attempt to amend coastal law triggers a classic land-use battle

Welcome (back) to the jungle

Werner Herzog revisits Dieter Dengler's great escape

Problems with Peskin’s Muni plan

OPINION Last week the Board of Supervisors received a proposed charter amendment that takes a misguided stab at the much-needed reform of the Municipal...

Ephemera, etc.

Sifting through the Silent Film Fest's treasures

Notes on Nazimova

From Stanislavski to Hollywood Babylon with a silent-film star

Web site of the week


Praise the Lordi!

The Finnish monster rockers are coming to Ozzfest

Green City: Winds of change

Todd Pelman's household energy turbines

Party with me, Oh My God

And then blow out my eardrums, fool

Sweet release

The Federation's Rick Rock brings Whateva he wants

Hyphy and its discontents

Rumors of the hip-hop genre's death have been greatly exaggerated

Whose Ethics?

Reformers say the Ethics Commission needs to alter its focus and honor the city's important grassroots political culture

Needed: a campaign against privatization

Editorial: San Francisco ought to be a place where a major movement to take back the public sector is born and thrives.

Editor’s Notes

Why the rush to privatize citywide wireless?

The City College loophole

EDITORIAL The 2000 law that made it easier for schools and college districts to sell bonds for capital improvements requires every agency raising money...

Who’s following the money?

Not the City College bond oversight panel, which rarely meets and has seen no serious audits of half a billion in spending

The catch

If we're going to reap globalization's benefits, we also must pay its price

We built this city?

Ah, the sweet sound of small-town music and Sasquatch