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Volume 41 Number 39

June 27 – July 3, 2007

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Nuggets of Water

A few highlights from the Water catalog

Black planet

Jazz gems on the Water label

Hot, sexy, and dead?

Combing music's back catalogs for the next cult star with a distro called Runt

Politics Blog: nuts

Who paid for Migden's billboards?

When she comes


Icky parts

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I don't like the amount of vaginal discharge I produce. It isn't really abnormal, and it doesn't smell, but I just don't...

Double trouble

Alice Shaw and Kelli Connell get down with the looking glass

Turning the tides

Have Newsom and PG&E teamed up to steal tidal power from the public?

Smoke and mirrors

Pot clubs can't get a break: New rules would force many to close

A clear housing choice in the Mission

Why bring another Walgreen's in?

Web Site of the Week


Green City: Tapping the tides

Riding the waves of hydropower

No PG&E tidal deal

EDITORIAL On June 19, just as public power advocates in San Francisco were celebrating victory on the passage of Community Choice Aggregation, Mayor Gavin...

Editor’s Notes

Home hospice care has come a long way

Fix Newsom’s bad budget

A progressive city should not be pandering


This is nuts: A bizarre tale of the insanity that is SF's mental health system

Budget blowback

After some high-profile distractions, supervisors start reversing Newsom's spending cuts

Night on Earth

A new 35mm print of Gus van Sant's Mala Noche

No scrubs

Can Sicko cure our health care system?

I love Lucio

And you will too if you listen to Battisti's masterful music of the early '70s

Dream girl

Decades after her demise, Judee Sill — whether thief, whore, or saint — still steals hearts

Something in the Water

Fab Italian prog on the Water label

The hot rock

Battles blast off with Mirrored

The fundamentals of Fucked Up

This pseudonym-only hardcore band subverts punk conventions