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Volume 41 Number 37

June 13 – June 19, 2007

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The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (6/18/07)

At least 36 Iraqis were killed today.

Politics Blog

It's all about Jew: City attorney says Jew must go, we discuss how to remove him, and Steve Jone discusses rumors of a Jew-Ting-Sandoval triple play

SCENE: Summer 2007

Hot summer nightlife, cocktails, and fashion: SCENE magazine

Google in my bedroom

Search engine as panopticon

All-consuming consumption

Heaven, hell, and shopping in Fe in the Desert

Eat on the beat

Snacking out during festival season

Why a cherry?

Which wine goes with chili?

Smells like DIY spirit

Calvin Johnson preaches the gospel of ageless rock 'n' roll

Patisserie Philippe

Le deli

Moderne folk sans borders

The joys of Keren Ann

Like breathing

Hide-a-way Cafe

Welcome to my pop nightmare

UK band the Horrors freshen up the Goth aesthetic

Take another letter

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I just saw Secretary yesterday, and then read your column that mentions the same movie and similar sentiment . My situation is...

Speed thrills

The surface seductions of Martin Munkácsi

Calling in the feds

Hotel sought immigration audit of workers asserting their right to a living wage

Considering chloramine

Is San Francisco's water causing weird rashes in some people? Stalled bill means we may never know

A food bill for San Francisco

With leadership from supervisors, a progressive bill could be a model for America's food future

Red with blue

Our opinionated guide to the 31st Frameline LGBT Film Fest

Club sprockets

Nightlife hits the movie screen at Frameline

Web Site of the Week


Night of 1,000 sexploits

A Q&A with lezsploitation maven Michelle Johnson

How is that gratitude?

Cafe Gratitude just wants unbleached linens; instead, they've got a lawsuit

For Christ’s sake

LGBT folk vs. Christians


Add it up for the sensual appeal of Glue