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Volume 41 Number 30

April 25 – May 1, 2007

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On point

Is Newsom pitting artists and activists against athletes and developers at the Hunters Point Shipyard?

Sunshine for Berkeley

Berkeley talks seriously about adopting a Sunshine ordinance

The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (4/24/07)

9 U.S. soldiers killed. 25 Iraqi civilians killed.

Editor’s Notes

Loners, misfits, and social nightmares

Another close one

To Live and Shave in L.A. carve a sonic palette void of any real structure but fraught with their influences

Soft machines

With amplified thumb piano and pots and pans in hand, Konono No. 1 prove that good things can happen in Kinshasa

Give it a hand

> andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear readers: Every few months some harried freelancer charged with coming up with a novel spin on something sexual or other contacts me for...

Web Site of the Week


Death of fun, the sequel

NIMBY assault! Crackdown on nightlife and outdoor events continues, even as the backlash gains strength

Up against the police secrecy lobby

EDITORIAL On April 17 the full weight of the state's secrecy lobby and police unions descended on Sacramento to prevent the public from having...

Small Business Awards 2007: A salute to small business

Presenting our third annual Small Business Awards, honoring the local entrepreneurs who invigorate our neighborhoods and drive our economy

Take 50

Our picks for the SF International Film Festival