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Volume 41 Number 30

April 25 – May 1, 2007

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The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (4/30/07)

At least 98 Iraqi civilians were killed today. 14 U.S. Soldiers were killed in Iraq in the past 72 hours.

Music Blog: bez

Alas! No Bez at Coachella

Politics Blog: Democratic convention

Obama's surprise entrance, Hillary's polite sidestep, and more: Blogging the California Democratic Convention

Barons back off newspaper trial

Barons back off! Settlement in newspaper trial blocks future Hearst-Singleton deals - and may lead to release of key documents

Ponder or ignore? Enjoy

Choice words about image culture as the SF International Film Festival hits 50

Cinema brut

Better than sex, worse than violence: a critical survey of new French extremism at the 50th SF film fest

Otar, Otar, how does your “Garden” grow?

A rare cinematic treat

The four men in “The Iron Mask”

Stepping out of a classic

Do you remember your first time?

Debut fiction features at the fest

On tone’s tail

A brief history of star wars and star awards at the SFIFF

Magic stoned

Video artist Kelly Sears's animated shorts crystallize pop-cult preoccupations

Bubblegum bandits

HK hottie Daniel Wu spoofs boy bands (and himself) in directorial debut The Heavenly Kings

There’s no place like home

Pedro Costa's Colossal Youth digs up life amid the ruins

The departed

Heddy Honigmann goes looking for Forever in Paris's Pere-Lachaise

The silver screen turns gold

The Guardian Guide to the 50th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival

Future prefects

The Klaxons are the neu-rave crossover pop phenom of the moment

Scott Howard

The men's club

Sympathy for the (she) devil

South Pacific Island Restaurant

The Blender

What we're eatin'

Locals only?

Not For Tourists Guide to San Francisco may not be for residents either

How to control my body

> annalee@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION The biological functioning of my body is all over the news right now. Lawmakers and federal regulatory agencies are asking themselves whether...

Bury the Geary

The case for a new subway line

The importance of being imported

Appreciating Portugese wine

Byorn’s legacy

New conduct code for flacks