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Volume 41 Number 27

April 4 – 11, 2007

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Blogs: Pixel Vision

Pixel Vision: International Ms. Leather, the Moscow Cat Circus, more great sandwich shops, and a whole lotta dead people

The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (4/6/07): 20 Iraqis killed today.

The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (4/6/07): 20 Iraqis killed today. To hear how the war in Iraq has effected some Midwest families of soldiers,...

Politics Blog: the new Josh Wolf scandal

Free Josh Wolf from the media spin: Now that the jailed journalist is out, the war about why he was released begins

Politics Blog: Demonizing bicyclists

The Chron's Chevron -- corporation of the year? You're kidding. Plus: The Critical Mass mess. In the Politics Blog

The Martin Luther King you don’t see on TV

After civil rights achievements, calling for an end to war

The big town

Metro-rustic in Chicago

Sincerely again

After 15 years, the Frames still mean well

Their days are numbered

Lucky Six Parts Seven find happiness without vocals, making delectable sounds

Going mobile

Funky Riddm Records survives the merciless music industry by taking it to the Berkeley streets

Seattle’s finest

On the scene with Police Beat

Brothers in arms

Battle lines are drawn -- and redrawn -- in the Irish drama The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Open city


Wing clippings

San Tung

The Blender

What we're eatin'

Oh dad, poor dad

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I have a bit of a problem. It's not a huge one, but I'd like to get past it. A long time...

FEAST Spring 2007

Our guide to the Bay's freshest food and drink

No hidin’ SECA

Searching for thematic threads at the biennial exhibition

Smoking Yahoo!’s pipes

How could a tool designed to help you manipulate all kinds of information actually limit your control?

Stand up for immigrants, Mr. Newsom

It's time for the mayor to once again stand up for justice

Web Site of the Week


From cabin to castle

Fuzzy math raises concerns about Camp Mather and the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

Balazo KO?

The Mission indie arts space fights for survival

Home run

"After the War" lucidly strikes home

Taylor made

Veteran dancemaker Paul Taylor triumphs with works new and old