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Volume 41 Number 23

March 7 – March 13, 2007

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Mission: fresh-air beer

Outdoor alcoholic outposts

Dance dance revolution

Party spaces that give a damn

Attack of the killer Ts

Are T-shirts the eternal hipster uniform

Emergency exits

Getting crazy in a time of crisis

Building the bomb

Explosive local cocktails

Scene: Nightlife during wartime

Blow it up! SCENE: Our new quarterly guide to nightlife and culture

The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (3/12/07)

31 Iraqi civilians killed bringing this week’s toll for Shiite religious pilgrims to 220.

leno attacks — blog

Why the attack on Leno by a Migden supporter is factually bogus -- and sets a horrible tone for the campaign

politics blog — siebel

Wow, did Gavin Newsom's girlfriend step in it this time. What has the mayor been telling her?

Bruce Blog — Josh

Josh Wolf vs. Howard Kurtz, the Washington Post and the inside-the-beltway gang.

Abolish PG&E Corp.

The creation of Pacific Gas and Electric Corp. constitutes a legal money-laundering strategy.

The sunshine posse

The FOI Issue: New sunshine warriors are changing the way City Hall does business


March 13 MUSIC/DANCE Queen Anne’s Revenge and Black Cactus Choir Since pirates are all the rage, you may have already guessed that local trio...


March 12 MUSIC Youth Group It's no small feat that Aussie gossamer popsters Youth Group were able to rescue Alphaville's overwrought new wave flashback-grenade...


March 11 EVENT Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School Luckily for artistically challenged people like me, Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School encourages such behavior. I'm...


March 10 MUSIC Chanticleer If you’re not a fan of contemporary choral ensembles, then you’ve probably never heard of Chanticleer, but scrupulous classical music...


March 9 MUSIC “Video Games Live” To gamers, there is no touching longtime Nintendo composer Koji Kondo. Kondo, a classically trained musician, scored such...


March 8 MUSIC Hiss Golden Messenger The most remarkable thing about Hiss Golden Messenger is not its personnel — members of the Court and...


March 7 FILM Altman Tribute: McCabe and Mrs. Miller and 3 Women This installment of the Castro Theatre's Robert Altman tribute features two epics centering...

Guardian, ACLU seek ICE records

FOI request goes after details of immigration raids

The “ire” in “satire”

Conservatives are funny

“Rust” never sleeps

The Magic's annual Hot House fest yields a discovery

Vettin’ the vets

ODC/Dance Downtown

God chillin’

Sophomores, all: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Arcade Fire