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Volume 41 Number 20

February 8 – February 20, 2007

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Feb. 20 EVENT Ron Jeremy Ron Jeremy, more commonly known as the Hedgehog because of his bristly rotundity, has given hope and inspiration to many an awkward...


Feb. 19 EVENT Amiri Baraka Amiri Baraka doesn’t fear controversy. The playwright, author, and former poet laureate of New Jersey is as notoriously outspoken as he is...


Feb. 18 VISUAL ART "Take 2: Women Revisiting Art History" Many of us learned from our high school history teachers that unless we are careful, the more...


Feb. 17 Theater Rust When’s the last time you thought about Aunt Jemima or Uncle Ben outside a breakfast or dinner context? I’ll bet it’s been even...


Feb. 16 OPERA Young Caesar Long before Cleopatra rocked his ancient world, Julius Caesar was said to have had a formative love affair with another Eastern potentate, Nicomedes of Bithynia. Young Caesar, a major new work by the late avant-garde composer Lou Harrison, puts that liaison in fittingly operatic form. Developed with librettist Robert Gordon over three decades, the final version receives its world premiere this week in San Francisco. Close collaborator Nicole Paiement conducts this notable production by Ensemble Parallèle. (Robert Avila) Also Sat/17 8 p.m., $45-$60 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theatre 700 Howard, SF (415) 978-ARTS www.ybca.org MUSIC Budos Band Living way out here on the left coast, our sense of the musical topography of New York City is necessarily diminished, but on the dance floors of Gotham, the Budos Band is no secret. Carrying the torch for a venerable soul tradition that dates back to the so-called chitlin circuit, where venues such as the Apollo let James Brown do his thing, this 11-piece band channels the raw rhythms of West Africa through a modern lens. (Nathan Baker) Also Sat/17 With the Greasetraps (Fri/16) and DJ Centipede (Sat/17) Boom Boom Room 1601 Fillmore, SF (415) 673-8000 www.boomboomblues.com


Feb. 15 MUSIC Love Me Nots The problem with bands with a retro vibe is that if they don’t pull it off just right, it’s a party...


feb. 14 event Neon’s Valentine’s Day Underwear Dance Party Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day sucks. What are we expected to do on this vomit-inducing holiday filled with...

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