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Volume 41 Number 19

February 7 – February 13, 2007

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A few of the best — and the rest — from Indiefest

Green Mind, Metal Bats (Kumakiri Kazuyoshi, Japan, 2006). Never mind Ichiro and his ballsy ilk — Japan has always had an inferiority complex when...

Your life is calling

IndieFest films investigate senses of place -- earthly, cosmic, and otherwise

Small Favors

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I have a small penis, and I want my wife to have sex with a man more endowed than me, but I...

Kids get Addicted to War

San Francisco's high school students to study a different kind of schoolbook

The search for Spocko

San Francisco blogger draws corporate and conservative wrath for educating KSFO's advertisers

What we know now

New court documents show the big local dailies couldn't handle competition -- but never talked much about improving their papers

The benefits of fiber

If wi-fi is a parasite looking for a wire, then municipal fiber is the perfect host

Editor’s Notes

It's been almost a week, and we've moved on

Brown must fight the media monopoly

Now that this is all out in public, will California's new attorney general, Jerry Brown, put a stop to it?

More than the affair

We wish Newsom well in his battle with alcoholism. But for the good of the city (and the causes he claims to care about), he'd be better off announcing he isn't going to run for reelection now.


January 25, 2007
Feb. 6 MUSIC Foghorn Stringband Playing straight-up bluegrass without concern for modernism or experimentation, these five front-porch hotshots set Appalachian panoramas ablaze with their...