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Volume 41 Number 19

February 7 – February 13, 2007

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The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (2/14/07)

78 Iraqi civilians killed.


FEB. 12 FILM Tears of the Black Tiger If you like spaghetti westerns, you’re sure to love the “Tom Yum Goong cowboys” of Tears of...


FEB. 11 MUSIC Ettes Stick this one in your pocket flask and suck it: the holy trinity of badassedness sport the names Coco, Poni,...


FEB. 10 MUSIC Spanish Harlem Orchestra Carrying on the rich legacy of Latin jazz big bands such as Tito Puente's legendary salsa ensemble, pianist-arranger Oscar...


FEB. 9 MUSIC Top 10 DJ Dreamteam Within San Francisco’s DJ dynasty, house DJs and breaks DJs have long battled for clubgoers’ absolute allegiance,...


FEB. 8 PERFORMANCE Crying in Public Octavio Paz once said life is not made according to human frailty, though the Nobel Prize-winning poet probably worded...


FEB. 7 FILM LunchFilms If you made a short movie for the cost of a lunch, how much would yours cost? In the case of...

Valentine’s Day shopping guide

‘Tis better to give than get dumped

Valentine’s Day date ideas

Plan a date with a view and ensure that, even if it’s a horrible night, at least its backdrop will look beautiful

Splendor in the ass

Sara Thrustra's Ten Pictures and Two Pin-Ups calendar

Sex on wheels

The 2007 "At Your Service" bike messenger calendar

Attraction is hell

Manuelito Biag's The Shape of Poison solidifies his standing as a choreographer on the rise

Love rebuff

Indie = no pickups?

G-string journey

A whirlwind Sunday afternoon tour of San Francisco strip clubs

San Francisco lovin’

The pros and cons of sex and romance in the city by the bay

Confessions of a porn director

A gay adult movie insider reflects on the bang biz

When the lights go down

Why are menus so hard to read?

Valentine’s Day events

Parties, panties, and philanthropy

Believe the buzz

The Makes Nice lick freakbeat candy wrappers for the benefit of all

Just bounce to this

Flipping for the United Kingdom's Switch

Space disco disks

Some oddity odysseys to trip on

2007: a disco odyssey

Lindstrom expands the dance floor -- and the space between your ears

Strive for More Music Showcase

The art of soul singing is far from dead

Brutal fucking movie

An exquisite corpse review of Inland Empire