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Volume 41 Number 17

January 24 – January 30, 2007

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EVENT “Page to Stage”: Les Waters and Tony Amendola A critical and crowd-pleasing hit in New York and London, Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman just opened at...


jan. 28 EVENT Neil Pollack Best known for his hilarious takeoffs on pop culture and the music scene in books such as Never Mind the Pollacks, author...


jan. 27 VISUAL ART Michael Light: “Near Planet” Michael Light might be capable of making you see the moon (and nuclear suns) anew. When he turns his...


jan. 26 Theater The Birthday Party Five years before Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’s George and Martha deluded themselves into a drunken frenzy and then stupor, the...


Thursday jan. 25 comedy Mike Epps It’s six days after last Friday, so what’s going on with Mike Epps? Those 21st-century cesspools known as message boards have been...

Flowers unempowered

Local florist on receiving end of hate-tinged vandalism

Hot Green

The kale's the thing

WOW now

Molissa Fenley highlights the second program of a growing festival

Hairdresser on Fire

Local locksmith Joe Hamer picks Golden Globes poufs

His world or yours?

Scarface: The World Is Yours


jan. 24 event Robert Stone Thanks to Robert Stone’s newest book, Prime Green: Remembering the 1960s, readers can get a clear glimpse of the...

Politics blog: SOTU

"This is not the fight we entered, but it's the fight we are in." Pathetic. Tim Redmond on Bush's latest SOTU duck and weave.

Bus lust

40 feet of fun

The JonBenet Ramsey

A vigorous, pounding cocktail

Stand in the place where you live

Heartless Bastards put the heart in the heartland

Follow that bird

Keeping house with the Finches

Czar of noir

Eddie Muller paints it black with the Noir City festival

A Tale of two malls

Out the Door and New Filipinas

Ways we were

Banana House

Up the butt, Bob

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: My girlfriend and I came home from the club blind drunk and started getting a little crazy. I was in her vagina...

The video guy

SECA recipient makes pop moving pictures and remixes history-making moments

The wi-fi elephant

Instead of launching his reelection campaign, Newsom's wireless Internet proposal gets slammed for its shortcomings and lack of well-considered alternatives

Anti-Christian mythology

Dust in the machine

The war on trial

The war on trial: an Army officer risks prison to argue that Bush's war is illegal