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Volume 41 Number 16

January 17 – January 23, 2007

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JAN. 23 MUSIC Black Lips Atlanta quartet the Black Lips proffer reverb-y, jangly rock that’s coated in contemporary sleaze; if you ask ’em, they’ll call it “flower punk.” The...


JAN. 22 MUSIC Tall Firs Quiet is the new loud — all the cool kids are saying so! Take New York's Tall Firs. Evoking visions of Sonic Youth road-tripping...


JAN. 21 MUSIC Entrance When I was young, white guys playing the blues made my bowels angry. Mercifully, my gastrointestinal health was restored by Led Zeppelin, and eventually a...


JAN. 20 FILM Ocean Film Festival You can keep your March of the Penguins — I’m more a march-of-the-creepy-crawlies gal, so I’ll be happy as a clam at the...


JAN. 19 MUSIC Experimental Audio Research Experimental Audio Research sounds more like something that would happen in a top-secret section of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, not at a rock...


JAN. 18 MUSIC Piers Faccini Could there be a more unlikely combination of characters than an introspective, globe-trotting European (Piers Faccini) who creates delicate dreamscapes as both a songwriter and...

The secret spies

Secret spies: The Pentagon releases documents related to the notorious TALON program -- but very little information.

The devil wears Nolan Miller

Or, why we love That Girl and Phil

Live free or die hard

Free to Be ... You and Me Invitational

Control of resources

Danny Hoyle's deft performance carries his solo show, Tings Dey Happen

Idol musings

Pop and popularity

Silex Appeal

Vouvray surprise


Jan. 17 COMEDY "RiffTrax Live!" From its humble beginnings as a late-night show produced at a local television station to cult classic status, Mystery Science Theater...

Open mind music

Finding life after Deerhoof, Chris Cohen unveils the new Curtains

Dine Listings

Welcome to our dining listings, a detailed guide by neighborhood of some great places to grab a bite, hang out with friends, or impress...

The ballad of Carmelo

Romantico proves documentaries can be gorgeous and soulful

CineKink 2007

Education to titillate -- or titillation to educate?

Eat Global

Pres A Vi

Make a wish

Suzu Japanese Restaurant

Skin Flick

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: Your question form says to "try to be interesting." Hmm, performance anxiety ... and I'm only talking about sex! My wife is very...

Air play

The natural history of Bay Area artist Ruth Asawa

The Stop Online Expression Act

Registering sex offenders' virtual addresses

Why insurers love the new health plan

OPINION If you're one of the 6.5 million Californians without health coverage, get ready to find a lot of hands in your pocket. Gov. Arnold...

Editor’s Notes

Bush's ghost