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Volume 41 Number 10

December 6 – December 12, 2006

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Songs of devotion

Nathaniel Dorsky finds alchemy in the dark during the light age

Mining metadata

Supervisors OK the release of information buried beneath public documents

Blood in the water

Just as the 2007 mayor's race begins, Newsom is starting to look vulnerable — but who's running against him?

Pink-paint hate

A bizarre antigay hate crime stuns SF's premier public high school — and the administration tries to keep it quiet

Editor’s Notes

The death of David Ayoob didn't get a lot of headlines. He wasn't famous in that way; he never ran for office or made...

No pass for Newsom

EDITORIAL Mayor Gavin Newsom may tell the media that he's not sure he wants his job anymore, but the reality is that he's been...

Wholly noise

The Brutal Sound Effects Festival aims high at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

The Lowell lessons

Today only eight of the city's 21 high schools have active student newspapers.

Guardian Guide: Hotspots for fresh crab

Crab fever overtakes Bay! Tiny fork, plastic bib, lump of butter only remedy, say local restaurateurs. The Guardian Guide to hotspots serving fresh Dungeness.