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Volume 40 Number 41

July 12 – July 18, 2006

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Playing hardball in the Presidio

EDITORIAL When Rep. Nancy Pelosi began peddling her plan to privatize the Presidio back in the 1990s her chief weapon was fear: If the...

Put Oak to Ninth on hold

EDITORIAL The Oakland City Council is moving toward final approval of a plan to build 3,100 housing units along the Oakland Estuary near Lake...

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What do they do all day at Rec-Park, anyway?

Ammiano’s health care plan is fair

OPINION Universal health care. These days, most people want it, but no one wants to pay for it. But like it or not, we all...

Rabid rabbi

KSFO's latest right-wing shock jock is an unlikely apologist for endgame evangelicals and a player in still-unfolding political corruption scandals

Prop. A reality check

Just weeks after the homicide prevention measure failed - a beloved DJ is shot dead in the Mission

Amalgamated health care

Newsom's incomplete health plan is merged with Ammiano's controversial one